Q: What is the best way to get in contact?

A: If you would like to get in touch for comments/questions, honestly the best way is to send me a message on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, or ask a question on Tumblr. On most days, I will check each of these networks in the morning. I love receiving feedback and will respond as soon as possible.

Q: What is the update schedule for your comics?

A: As of this point, I am operating under a "random" update schedule. Please subscribe to the RSS feed or the various social networks I have signed up for to learn about comic updates. I would like to have a regular schedule in the future, but I do not want to make an update promise I can't keep right now, especially with the different fluctuations of my full-time job. Thank you for your understanding.

Q: What is your webcomic Gold Coin Comics about?

A: Gold Coin Comics is a webcomic that parodies RPG video games. It features original characters as they journey through lands with all the usual quirks/flaws of the roleplaying genre. Also features strips from actual video games, such as Final Fantasy, etc.

Q: I noticed on your front page you list another webcomic, Anita and the Riddle Notebook. What's this about?

A: That's my next project! I'm really excited to get started with it--I have plans to move forward with that webcomic once I have reached a certain point in the story with my other webcomic, Gold Coin Comics. Watch for announcements about it on my blog (plus see early concept art of it as well).

Q: Wow, what happened to the site? It looks completely different!

A: Yes indeed. See, my site was one of thousands that got hacked on my host's server through a security loop. It got cleared up, but I no longer felt comfortable using someone else's CMS code that I was not 100% familiar with. Hence, I took some time off and built all the code from the ground up. I'm back with a new CMS that is coded all by scratch and couldn't be happier with the fresh coat of paint!